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Fast Facts

Fast Facts:
Founded: November 1981
Employees: 35
Privately Held
ISO 9001 Certified
Product Highlights:

Tekmicro major product lines include:

- Embedded Sensor I/O Solutions using the latest in FPGA technologies. Available in both commercial and rugged versions, these real-time embedded systems and military embedded systems are deployable in any environment from laboratory to harsh environments.

- Data Recorders & Storage platforms and solutions.  Tekmicro's data recording platforms provide developers with the ability to closely tailor their solution by selecting the right QuiXilica digitizer (ADC) to build a fully functional data recording system to their individual project requirements.

Tekmicro offers a wide range of standard, custom designed, and fully integrated systems and solutions to meet the demanding needs of streaming image and signal processing applications.

Rugged and Military: Tekmicro solutions have been deployed in both tactical and ground based systems
Unique Technologies:
tekX:  Allows fabric agnosticism in future products
FPGA culture: FPGAs used on every product allows cost-effective and schedule-preserving customization.
Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for FPGAs provide integration advantage right away, and will be common across all future products, providing huge future savings in integration time and cost.

The QuiXilica V6 Architecture provides a simple flexible parallel interface that enables boards to be factory configured with different ADCs and DACs, thus enabling the boards to meet a robust variety of applications. High bandwidth support for ADCs and DACs operating beyond 5 GSPS is designed into the architecture.

Front-end/Back-end XMC Architecture: Unique two-part XMC design separates the protocol interface (front-end) from the standard back-end interface (PMC, XMC) and provides powerful advantages at many levels for customers who need to integrate, maintain, or upgrade multiple I/O modules. New protocol interfaces can quickly be added to existing back-ends as technology becomes available. Protocol interfaces can be upgraded with new back-end interfaces as technology demands.
Representative Customers
            Alenia Marconi Systems
            General Dynamics
            L-3 Communications
            Lockheed Martin
            Northrop Grumman
            Recon Optical Inc.
            Rockwell Collins
Industry Leadership:   
VITA / VSO :     Cochair for VITA 41.x (VXS 9U extensions standard)
                           Draft editor for VITA 42.0, 42.2 (XMC)
PICMG              Cochair for XMC Express
                           Participate in 2.18, 2.50, 3.5, AMC, Express
PCI SIG            Monitor PCI Express standard


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