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TEK Microsystems, Inc. was founded by two MIT students, Andy and Kirian Reddig in 1981. Initial clients were software companies who hired Tekmicro to develop tools and software components to incorporate into their software products. When hardware development was added to the product mix and Tekmicro started taking total responsibility for the "brains" of more complex systems. Using extensive hardware capabilities gave Tekmicro the ability to develop designs that were carefully tuned to each customer's application, trading off hardware and software elements to develop a cost-effective solution.

In 1983, Tekmicro started working with STD bus, and in 1985 switched to VMEbus for most multiple-card systems. In 1995 Tekmicro began working with RACEway systems, and became the first user of the RACEway RIC-RWO chipset. The first COTS I/O products were introduced in 1996, the company now provides dozens of  I/O solutions. Today Tekmicro is a leading developer of VXS and FPGA-based systems, offering I/O centric solutions for demanding signal and image processing challenges.

Tekmicro has developed a wide variety of systems for both defense and commercial customers. The company's custom and off-the shelf I/O solutions include all levels of data acquisition, instrumentation, control and signal processing systems in a diverse range of application areas such as radar, sonar, image processing, closed-loop control, and video test instrumentation. Tekmicro has also developed and deployed special-purpose avionics and test equipment to support countermeasure testing for airborne and ground targets. 

Mission Today: Our mission at TEK Microsystems is to be the leading, most advanced and most comprehensive provider of data stream interfaces for embedded real-time computing solutions. We provide the widest selection of ready, off-the-shelf board-level products to our customers. In addition, we aspire to be the best provider of I/O solutions which require customization and modification of our hardware and software in situations where off-the-shelf modules do not meet customer's requirements. We are driven by our vision to provide the most integrated product solutions on the market where our modules can be configured, installed and tested - or simply dropped into the customer system and run - in less than a day. 

We excel in all these areas due to our extensive knowledge of the market, technology, and the technical ability to create the best solution for our customer. We continuously strive to provide the highest value to our customer by recommending solutions which are the best for our customer and by ensuring premium post-sales support.