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New Atlas-V5 Provides Eight 12-bit Data Streams at 1 Gsps and Opens New Horizons for Multichannel Signal Processing

Atlas-V5 DigitizerPasadena, CA – May 5, 2009 –At the IEEE RadarCon09 Conference, TEK Microsystems, Incorporated, a leading supplier of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) digitizer / FPGA processor solutions for defense and intelligence applications, announced the QuiXilica Atlas-V5 VXS product. 

The new Atlas-V5 provides eight channels of 12-bit 1 Gsps (Gigasamples per second) analog inputs streaming up to 12 GB/s into three Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs in a single 6U VME / VXS slot.  The Atlas-V5 is the first product to support 1 Gsps ADC devices with 12 bits of resolution, enabling unprecedented performance for multi-channel applications such as beamforming, Radar, SIGINT, COMINT and wireless communications.

“The Atlas-V5 is the latest in a series of high performance ADC and DAC products based on our QuiXilica-V5 VXS architecture”, comments Andrew Reddig, president and chief technology officer at Tekmicro. “The Atlas-V5 continues to round out our range of analog I/O products with the very latest ADC parts providing exceptional performance.  By leveraging our modular QuiXilica-V5 architecture, Atlas-V5 users can take advantage of a comprehensive set of existing hardware, firmware and software infrastructure – common across all of our QuiXilica-V5 products – coupled with the highest sample rate 12-bit ADCs on the market today.”

Atlas-V5 Combines Multiple Input Channels with High Density FPGAs
Atlas-V5 uses eight 12-bit ADC digitizer channels each performing at up to 1.0 Gsps combined with three Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs.  Each channel has an input bandwidth of 1.5 GHz, supporting operation up to the third Nyquist band, and uses a single ADC without interleaving.

The front end FPGAs, typically SX95T devices, each accept four channels of input data for initial processing.  The outputs of the front end FPGAs (up to 6 GB/s each) are then combined in the back end FPGA for additional processing and output via the VXS backplane or front panel QSFP fiber optic links at aggregate rates up to 3.75 GB/s.  When configured with an SX240T back end FPGA, the Atlas-V5 delivers 2,336 V5 DSP slices with up to 1.3 TeraMAC/s of signal processing capability.

The Atlas-V5 includes hardware support for sample-accurate synchronization both within a single card and across multiple cards, allowing Atlas-V5 to support high channel count applications such as beamforming and interferometry with up to 144 channels in a single VXS chassis.

Leverages Modular Architecture
Atlas-V5 is based on Tekmicro’s existing QuiXilica-V5 architecture which is used in many defense and intelligence programs today to implement a wide range of FPGA processing solutions combined with high performance analog inputs and/or outputs.  As a part of the QuiXilica-V5 product family, Atlas-V5 benefits from a common set of hardware, firmware and software elements that are reused across multiple products and applications.  Through the Atlas-V5 Developers Kit (DK), systems integrators can access a comprehensive set of building blocks along with reference designs to support rapid development and integration of application-specific signal processing within the QuiXilica-V5 framework.  By using the modular QuiXilica-V5 architecture and DK, systems integrators can protect their firmware and software investment by easily retargeting their application-specific code when newer FPGA and digitizer technology becomes available in the future.

Like all of the QuiXilica-V5 products, the Atlas-V5 is available for a wide range of operating environments, including rugged air and conduction cooled for deployed applications.

The Atlas-V5 is available now, with delivery from stock to 8-10 weeks ARO.