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Four ADC and DAC Channels Combined with High Density FPGAs Breaks System Performance Barriers

Chelmsford, MA – August 13, 2009 –TEK Microsystems, Incorporated, a leading supplier of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) digitizer / FPGA processor solutions for defense and intelligence applications, announced the new QuiXilica Titan-V5 VXS. The new Titan-V5 combines four channels of 1 GSPS 12-bit ADCs, four channels of 1.2 GSPS 14-bit DACs and three Virtex-5 FPGAs to provide the highest bandwidth channel count per slot available for VXS products on the market today. The balanced ADC/DAC of the Titan-V5 achieves the ultra low latency from acquisition to response that is critical in active signal processing applications such as Radar simulation, electronic warfare and radar decoy applications.

“The Titan-V5 provides first-in-the-industry levels of high performance, low latency, and signal integrity”, comments Andy Reddig, CEO/CTO of Tekmicro. “Not only does the Titan-V5 utilize best-in-class devices for digitization and signal generation but it redefines low latency by providing almost instantaneous acquisition to response times when compared with architectures using multiple boards or modules. Our QuiXilica products give customers in the high-performance signal processing arena performance options that were previously available only through custom design.”

Titan-V5 ADC and DAC For Coherent Signal Acquisition and Response
The Titan-V5 includes four 1 GSPS analog input channels, four analog output channels of up to 1.2 GSPS and three Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA’s, providing up to 2,336 DSP slices and 1.3 TeraMAC/s of signal processing. Titan-V5 transfers full sensor-rate data from the ADC processing (signal capture) to the DAC processing (waveform generation).

The ADC and DAC can use a common clock, which can be synchronized across multiple boards, or independent clocks, depending on the specific application requirements. The Titan-V5 features high bandwidth, low latency interconnect paths between its FPGAs. Synchronization of ADC and DAC sampling on a single board, and on multiple boards, is implemented using an external trigger signal.

The balanced architecture of the Titan-V5 and digital signal processing resources offers significant processing and “SWaP” advantages for a range of advanced processing algorithms and applications which previously would have required multiple cards to be utilized. Digital receiver applications, such as communication signal recovery and demodulation and STAP (Space Time Adaptive Processing), can be combined in the Titan-V5 with signal generation applications such as multi-channel communication response and jamming.

In addition to Titan-V5, Tekmicro offers a broad range of Xilinx Virtex-5 based streaming I/O and FPGA processing solutions for both analog and digital I/O.

The Titan-V5 is available for a wide range of operating environments including commercial grade, rugged air, and conduction cooled to support deployed applications such as unmanned airborne, naval and ground vehicles.

The Titan-V5 is available now, with delivery from 10-12 weeks ARO.
For more information see the Titan-V5 data sheet.