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High Speed IO Modules



The JazzFiber PMC combines the advantages of the ANSI/VITA 17.1 Serial FPDP interconnect with highly integrated FPGA technology to provide unparalleled channel density and throughput in a single PMC module.

PowerRACE Family of High Performance Fabric Enabled I/O Processors

PMC and XMC modules from Tekmicro
The legacy PowerRACE products are still a powerful streaming I/O platform for serial and parallel links, network protocols, data recording systems, or high-speed customer protocol implementations.

The PowerRACE-2B is fully fabric-enabled with supporting software and drivers,      allowing PMC devices to  sustain 250+ MB/s per PMC site.

The Virtex II Pro FPGA-based PowerRACE-3A performs FFTs, pulse compression, and image processing with a 10 to 15 times performance advantage over PowerPCs. The PowerRACE-3A provides VXS connectivity via a P0 connector on the board.