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VXS Developers Kit
  • Overview


To accelerate the development process, a Developer’s Kit can be purchased for all VXS products which provides FPGA cores, software and source code reference design examples. This allows rapid interfacing of user applications to the on-board memory resources and off-board data links. The kit includes a design example showing how to achieve simple raw mode data links via the backplane to other FPGA based VXS payload cards, such as those in the Quixilica range. A further example illustrates use of the front panel data links to link the card to an external host via a UDP/Gigabit Ethernet link.

VXS Application Developer's Kit

This kit provides the following items:

• Quixilica Quixtream UDP/Gigabit Ethernet FPGA Cores host software (Windows)
• DDR SDRAM FIFO Interface FPGA Cores
• Setup files and instructions for Quixstart FPGA configuration system
• Reference designs - VHDL and C software source code for:
   -UDP Gigabit Ethernet communications loopback and memory test
   -VXS Backplane raw mode data transfer example. (Data transfer with VXS Payload cards)
• User manuals for all of the kit components and reference design