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FPDP: Serial

The Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) is a platform-independent 32-bit synchronous data flow path that allows data to be transfered at high speeds (160 MBytes/sec.) over moderate distances between boards and processing blocks.

ANSI/VITA 17.1 Serial FPDP is an open industry standard that is widely used for sensor interface applications such as radar, sonar, signal intelligence, and medical imaging.

Tekmicro and QinetiQ codeveloped a Serial FPDP core which supports all Serial FPDP operating modes and also provides additional functionality for windowing, timestamp insertion, output rate throttling and other features optimized for data recording and playback applications. This Serial FPDP core can be integrated into any Tekmicro FPGA-enabled hardware, including Tekmicro’s JazzFiber products.

JazzFiber-V5 Serial FPDP I/O Module

The JazzFiber-V5™ Serial FPDP I/O Module provides a high speed connection between one or more external sensors and a processing or recording system using an open standard modular I/O architecture.  Each JazzFiber-V5 module supports four fiber optic interfaces, which can be used as separate Serial FPDP channels or aggregated into logical streams using the channel bonding capability of the emerging VITA 17.2 standard. Additional VITA 17.2 features including enhanced protocol and higher bit rates are also supported. >>JazzFiber-V5 Data Sheet

COTS Journal Technical Article

While Ethernet is the more obvious choice for many military interconnect situations, Serial FPDP offers major advantages for streaming high-bandwidth sensor data.