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VME Trade Association is a leading portal for embedded systems, RTOS, DSP, boards and more.

TEK Microsystems is at the forefront of developing and delivering technologies that serve the compute and I/O processing needs of high performance embedded applications.  Primarily focused on the Military market space, Tekmicro products provide solutions that bring a new level of  performance to VME/VXS platforms.


TEK Microsystems has prepared a
 complete white paper on the features and
advantages of the QuiXilica V5 VXS Architecture.

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CEO/CTO of TEK Microsystems, Inc., Andrew Reddig sees three major trends in embedded high performance computing that will impact the VME market:

♦  Switch fabric interconnect: with Serial RapidIO, InfiniBand, and PCI Express becoming real, traditional bus architectures will add switched fabric interconnect using truly open standards such as VXS (VITA 41) and XMC (VITA 42) to create scalable solutions that address the every-increasing demands of high performance signal processing applications.

♦  FPGA processing:  The combination of high gate density and multi-gigabit I/O bandwidth in devices such as Xilinx' Virtex 5 FPGAs will enable the development of combined PowerPC-FPGA processing engines, bringing order-of-magnitude improvements in processing density and systems throughput for both I/O modules and VME processor cards.

♦  Intelligent I/O:  Using today's FPGAs, I/O modules can now incorporate PowerPC-based server intelligence and flexible core-based switched fabric interconnect to create a new paradigm for customizable I/O with built-in intelligent stream management.

Finally, the emerging focus on truly open industry standards will allow the development of software infrastructure to manage fabric, FPGA, processor and memory resources seamlessly across different systems, applications and manufacturers. 

Tekmicro's products incorporate all of these technologies and bring a new level of performance to the VME platform, offering interconnect bandwidth of 2.5 GB/s per 6U slot, processing densities up to 10M FPGA gates along with GHz-class G4 and G5 processors and I/O bandwidths of 5 GB/s using dual XMC sites.

Industry Leadership:

- Cochair for VITA 41.x (VXS 9U extensions standard) VITA 42 and VITA 55
- Draft editor for VITA 42.0, 42.2 (XMC) and VITA 55

- Cochair for XMC Express
- Participate in 2.18, 2.50, 3.5, AMC, Express

- Monitor PCI Express standard